Hot Showers

Hot Tap Portable Outdoor Shower with durable storage case and water container |

Hot Tap with Case


Hot Tap Portable Outdoor Shower with convenient storage bag |

Hot Tap with Bag


Zip Instant Hot Shower |

Zip Hot Shower


Hot Tap High Performance Instant Hot Shower | Perfect for all seasons |

Hot Tap HP Shower


Extreme Shower for use with any gas or propane stove |

Extreme Shower


Extreme Self-Contained Portable Hot Shower | A complete System with convenient Stove |

Extreme S/C


Zodi Fire Coil transforms your camp fire into a hot water heater |

Zodi Fire Coil


Out of Stock
Zodi's multi-purpose and convenient 12 Volt Shower |

12 Volt Shower


Zodi's multi-purpose and convenient Battery Powered Shower |

Battery Powered Shower


Zodi X-40 Hot Tap Outfitter-Grade Portable Hot Shower and Water Heater |

X-40 Hot Tap Shower


Pro 70 Hot Tap Portable Hot Shower and Water Heater | Industrial Grade |

Pro 70 Shower


Pro 100 Hot Tap Portable Hot Shower and Water Heater | Industrial Grade |

Pro 100 Shower


Shower Accessories

i.hut extra-large shower and privacy tent |

i.hut Shower Enclosure


Out of Stock
i.hut canopy and cover for the Zodi i.hut |

i.hut Cover


Out of Stock
Zodi Hands-Free Shower Pole with tripod base |

Shower Pole


Zodi Garden Hose adapter for use with your Zodi Hot Shower |

Garden Hose Adapter


12 Volt Pump with wash-down hose | Great for Marine and ATV use |

12 Volt Pump with Washdown Hose


6 Volt Battery-Powered Pump with battery case |

6 Volt Pump


Zodi Battery Powered Bilge Pump with 8 ft hose |

Battery Powered Bilge Pump


Zodi Battery Powered Sump Pump with 8 ft hose |

Battery Powered Sump Pump


Propane tank adapter for use with the Hot Tap and Zip Showers and other propane products |

Pole Propane Adapter


Propane tank adapter for the Zodi Extreme Stove and other propane products |

Stove Propane Adapter


Zodi Extreme Stove for use with the Zodi Extreme Shower | Great for use as a portable cooking stove |

Extreme Stove


Durable Accessory Case by Zodi™ with propane holder |

Accessory Case


Large padded gear bag to store all your camping items |

Large Padded Gear Bag


Medium Gear Bag


Small padded gear bag protects smaller camping items |

Small Padded Gear Bag


Propane base with stabilizing legs perfect for use with Zodi products and other propane products |

Propane Base with Stabilizing Poles





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